Mouthguards are dental appliances that cover the teeth to protect them when a person is playing sports.

Types of mouthguards

There is the prefabricated type, sold in stores, that is more or less adjustable. They are not that expensive but they are bulky and may make breathing more difficult. They do not protect the teeth as well as the other types of mouthguards and, as dental health professionals, we do not recommend them because they harm the teeth more than they protect them.

Functions of clinical mouthguards:

  • Reduce the risk of cerebral concussion
  • Diminish the risk of a fracture of the jaw and teeth
  • Reduce the seriousness of wounds to the soft tissues of the mouth

A mouthguard is recommended for sports practice, competitions of contact sports or other sports presenting a risk of fall or hit, such as: martial arts, baseball, basketball, cycling, boxing, football, handball, hockey, wrestling, roller skating, skateboarding, skiing, soccer, tennis, etc…

Mouthguard for professional athletes

You train intensely and wonder how a mouthguard can improve your performance. The latest studies in the field of neuromuscular dentistry have proved that, by wearing a mouthguard that allows for the ideal alignment of the jaws, various muscular tensions present in the body will be eliminated.

Such release of muscular tensions will balance the forces in the body and allow not only for increased sports performances but will also prevent all muscular stretching or tear.

Such an appliance that is custom fit to you and your jaws will give you an edge during training by allowing better balance and stamina, improved strength, greater ability and broader movements.